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The Zephyr VFAC

April 9, 2020
Classic Rock

Tune into our sister station the 97.7 KZYR Zephyr from 5p - 7p on Friday to virtually hang out with friends at the Zephyr VFAC.

Grab your favorite cocktail, your laptop and your radio this Friday and listen to some great music, see what your friends and neighbors are up to and if you are able to put a little jing into their virtual jars. Listen on 97.7 KZYR or on KZYR.com and watch live on the KZYR Facebook page




Johnny Schleper

The Snake Charmer, oh I meant Farmer

Comes on at 5:00 and will play the first hour.



The Turntable Revue

Terry, Joe and Jeff bring us home.

From: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Joe & Terry TTR


Let's support our local music scene!

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